You have a dream or desire! What is stopping you from reaching your goal? With Covid-19 there is lots of uncertainty. Most blockers are build in our formative years. They lay out the blue print for our behavior. They keep you safely tucked away from the ‘unknown’. Did you know that 95% of our behavior is operated from the subconscious mind? That is something we can work with and utilize during our sessions. With the help of proven coaching frameworks, (spiritual) awareness growth and hypnovisualisation you will (re)discover your higher self. Leading the way towards your true goal and the path laid out for you. Feeding back into a shift in your day-to-day behavoir. You will feel the transformation within yourself and the world around you.



Now your dream goal is clear... You even got a taste of it during our coaching exercises. You learned how to recognize and combat your personal obstacles. You learned what it is you need to create energy balance in your life. Now is the time to step into your power and take inspired action. Living the dream! When living in alignment with your purpose the whole universe is cheering you on. You will attract the people and experiences you need in order to succeed.

I'm here to support you from a place of experience, theory and accountability. Believe me, you will enjoy the process with full gratitude for your own skills and capabilities. Your transformation is magnetic!


Join one of our Energy Coaching and Empowerment workshops! House of Flux ran multiple successful workshop like: Rewrite your Future with Harpers Bazaar, from Dream to Done at Flink Yoga and Harness the Female Vision with TEN-Women ands Silk Studio. Sharon utilizes her personal journey as well as experience of coaching and evolving at Spotify. Do you want to join a group workshop or invite us to for a team workshop or speak at your event? Please send us a message below. 

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Amber de Wilde de Ligny - Make Up Artist (Amsterdam)

“It is crazy how a storm of thoughts can come clear in one coaching session. Now I’m focussed and clear about what I really like doing professionally. What my dreams are... and how to turn them into reality. Sharpie is radiating with energy. She holds space for you to connect mind, body and soul. After her sessions you will act from a state of certainty. Positive vibes guaranteed!”