During Groups Workshops something magical happens...

You grow confidently in your personal process, learn from each other's inner wisdom and enjoy the group energy. Because together you achieve your goals faster and with more energy as a result.



​For ambitious dreamers with a will to transform  

  ✔ During this workshop you will learn to transform using Energy Coaching

​ ✔ You will receive a practical approach to energy and how to apply it

​ ✔ You become clear about your 'dream goal' with the help of a guided visualization 

​ ✔ You work on the personal obstacles that stand in the way of your growth

​ ✔ You activate your energy, subconscious and higher self to make the shift 

​ ✔ You learn from each other's transformation and cultivate the power of together 

​ ✔ You increase your confidence to achieve your goal full of energy and fun 

​ ✔ You become clear about your passions, talents and how you can make an impact on the world

​ ✔ You create a personal strategy with a clear action plan for the coming year

so that you become not only a dreamer but also a doer! 

​ ✔ Fancy a taste? download the free E-book below.  



Geef je business en team een energie boost voor betere mentale gezondheid en samenwerking op de werkvloer.



What I love about coaching is how powerful questions can lead to crystal clear insights. When people walk out of my session with a smile on their face, empowered and ready to share their gifts with the world.


My purpose is to facilitate human growth that leads to transformation. My passion Energy Coaching feeds my purpose and lights me up.

My mission is to bring a million people in touch with their dreams.

Big ambition huh? Energy is my biggest tool for realisation. 


Next to ‘House of Flux’ I work at Spotify focussing on ‘Understanding People Through Music’ for brands. I’m a Heart & Soul Ambassador with a mission to increase awareness around mental health issues and emotional wellbeing on a global scale. Whenever I’m not coaching you can find me enjoying the outdoors, practicing Yoga or playing music in the kitchen while whipping up goodies for my loved ones. 

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​For studious energy junkies who want to grow together  


  ✔ This workshop is often a first introduction to Energy Coaching​

  ✔ You take control of your energy by starting with a clear goal 

​ ✔ You learn how to use energy in the workplace and in your private life 

​ ✔ You learn to deal with negative people, thoughts and environments 

​ ✔ You learn to use the four largest energy sources optimally 

​ ✔ You learn to work better together based on your wishes and needs 

​ ✔ You learn to deal with limiting thoughts and practice with alternative scripts

​ ✔ You shine light on your personal energy leak to regain your power

​ ✔ You learn healthy habits and tactics for energy conservation from each other 

​ ✔ You create a personal toolkit to recharge and protect your energy


The above workshops are the showpieces of House of Flux. In addition, we create tailor-made group workshops such as ' Rewrite your Future workshop'  in collaboration with Harpers Bazaar and ' The Female Vision (ENG) ' with TEN-WOMEN  and 'Focus on your dream goal' for the students of  Rotterdam Business school . Curious about the possibilities for a tailor-made workshop?

Send an email. 


'I'll be releasing my first EP soon! The workshop has helped me to stay close to myself in this process and to take new steps with confidence and optimism'. 

"I wanted to find my passion project! We defined that enthusiasm, serving others and adding value to the world around me are my personal key values in life. Sharon has the gift to organize and pinpoint what is on my mind. Without her help I wasn’t able to realize this as quickly and clearly as I did. Let me tell you, It feels great! My experience working with Sharon is very positive. Sharon's positive vibe is infectious and she brings a lovely energy into the room."