Your safety is our top priority. At House of Flux, all coaching sessions can be conducted safely in the practice rooms at Herengracht 213-2 or Emmaplein 7 in Amsterdam. We do this with the following measures:

  • Mandatory hand washing and disinfection before and after the conversation 

  • Don't shake hands

  • 1 person per coach

  • Professional ventilation system available per room and rooms are aired after each session 

  • Spacious practice room where we keep 1.5 m away at all times 

  • In case of complaints, the coaching session will take place via Zoom

It is also possible to preferably transfer the conversations to Online Coaching via Zoom. All workshops are currently given digitally until it is possible to organize this face-to-face again. Send our support team a message via chat or by mail  if you have more questions about this.  


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a structured and goal-oriented process in which the coach interactively encourages the coachee to act effectively by:

Awareness and personal growth, Increasing self-confidence and exploring, developing and applying one's own possibilities

Coach and coachee each take their responsibility for the process. Coachee can also be understood to mean: a team that is coached as a unit - Definition according to Nobco 2004

What can you expect?

  • Professional guidance from a Certified Coach graduated from the Academy of Psychotherapy (2019)

  • Process controlled  and goal-oriented conversations, supported by various techniques for, among other things, questioning, mirroring and challenging. 

  • Explanation of coaching models, recognized coaching tools and other tools to achieve your goals

  • Relevant videos, podcasts, books, and other content to get started outside of sessions. 

  • Spacious practice space in Amsterdam or flexible conversations using a conference call. 

  • An intake interview is without obligation and free of charge. Rates for the routes can be found at Programs. Coaching sessions last one hour.

  • With an average of 5 sessions, you create fundamental change and noticeable growth in a sustainable way.  




After completing a trajectory, you can walk the road to your dream goal yourself. Of course you can always start a new trajectory with fresh goals. In any case, it is advisable to schedule a periodic session to maintain the positive change or to adjust your course. In addition, House of Flux organizes workshops throughout the year to support you in this.

Take a look at the offer via the navigation bar above or send us an email to be kept informed of developments. 

Big dreams are realized by consistently taking small steps. That is why I invite you for a non-binding intake interview about your possible coaching trajectory and associated expectations. This is the first step towards achieving your goal!